Belleek Pottery has a long history which spans back to 1849. It is a story which began at Castle Caldwell, and has links Longford, London and Dublin. Once the plans for raw materials, power, capital and transportation all in place, plans for the construction of a pottery building, on Thursday 18th November 1858 Mrs Bloomfield laid the foundation stone. 

From there Belleek Pottery has become known globally, it has had several changes of ownership, it has gathered an avid collectors group, changed trademarks on numerous occasions, and it has adapted to the ever-changing world and has acquired and expanded its portfolio.  

In all this time, however, the home of Belleek Pottery has remained the same – with some minor improvements and adjustments. To learn more about the history why not book into one of our experiences. 

Visiting our museum will take you on a journey which spans over 150 years. You can take a look at the pdf attached to get a sense of the historical significance of Belleek Pottery.